Global Energy Services

Integrated studies combining diferent geoscience disciplines is our principal goal, as well as decisions based and supported by geoscientific and geospatial investigations. We are specialist to extract the true value from the acquired data ensuring consistency in how the data is structured and delivered so that it is more efficiently integrated and managed to the scientist requirements.

The ultimate purpose our company is to provide support for making decisions based on spatial data using it in a database managment role. As well as for producing both standardized and customized cartographic products based in remote sensing data including the different stages of organization, visualitation, query, combination and prediction.


  • Intergeo.
    8 - 10.10.2013. Essen. Germany.

    Mit GIS auf die Herausforderungen der Energiewende reagieren... 3D-Stadtmodelle optimieren Aufgaben und ermöglichen neue Anwendungen...

  • GIS Workshops & Exhibitions for Esri Users.
    April 2 - 4 2013. Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

    GISWORX '13, initiatives on Mobile, Cloud and Online services...

Why Us

GIS Applications.

We specialize in integrating geospatial data to a scientist format applied to your needs.

Remote Sensing Applications.

We use remote sensing data to technology to integrate them to your bussines.